Thanks for visiting Off With Your Head, a blog that looks into the history of human sacrifice in the Aztec and Mayan culture. Here we will talk about what kinds of people were sacrifiAztec-Empireced, how people were sacrificed, and the different forms of sacrifice—even ones that were inflicted upon oneself.  Why would anyone ever do this you might wonder…well, there is an intricate history behind it all that goes all the way back to the religion or belief system the Aztec and Mayans had in which humans had been born through the self-sacrifice of thei deities. As a result, the Mesoamerican people were forever in the debt of their gods.  This blog will be an effort to explore the development and ritualistic significance of human sacrifice in the Aztec and Mayan culture, as well as the implications these ceremonies had on the culture itself. Whether it is a ritualistic ceremony, the aftermath of war or even a simple game on the ball court, sacrifice was part of Aztec and Mayan life in so many respects.  In fact, we can see the evidence ourselves.  Archaeology has revealed human skulls, jaw bones, and sacrificial depictions of these events on various artifacts that send us to the time and place to get a vivid image of what it all looked like and really meant.  Accompany us on a journey through ancient times, where human bloodletting was a familiar and accepted part of spiritual expression.


Audrey Baker, Elena Alba, Samantha Bellows

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